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About Me

I am software developer currently living in Tampa, FL. I am passionate about computers both professionally and as a hobby, as I have been since I was 8 or 9 years old when I first started programming. At my day job I currently develop using Java, .Net (C#), Oracle PL/SQL, JavaScript, and occasionally other languages (such as Python for scripts). I also dabble in other languages and technologies in my spare time. I am also into open source in general and Linux/UNIX. Macs are my main desktop/laptops these days.

Other than computers, I am also into music. I play mostly guitar and bass guitar, but also play drums a little. You can hear some of my music at nileshk.org.

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About this site

This web site’s main focus is on computer-related information. The target audience is anyone who uses computers and/or the internet, which includes casual users, power users and software developers.

Any of my original code samples posted on this site is public domain unless otherwise noted. You can do whatever you want with it without giving me credit. If you do use my code in your software, I’d appreciate it if you credit me by placing a comment with a link back to this web site, but I don’t require that.

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