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Solution to moving mail from older programs - IMAP

I was recently listening to TWiT and they were discussing what e-mail clients they used. Steve Gibson and Steve Wozniak mentioned they still use Eudora for their e-mail. One of them said they considered using something newer, but all their old e-mail is in Eudora and there is no way to convert it to something like Thunderbird format. That is true that there is no direct conversion, but the solution to that is to use IMAP.

I was using Eudora 3.0 for Windows for my e-mail for quite a while. I used it even after there were newer versions, because the newer versions of Eudora simply weren't as good. Eventually I moved on to using Evolution without worrying about converting my old e-mail (I could run Eudora 3.0 in WINE if I needed to see old e-mail). The whole time I was using POP3 to get my mail.

IMAP completely changed how I accessed my e-mail. It no longer mattered what client I used (and on what machine I used it), as long as it supported IMAP. All my old e-mail from Evolution was easily copied into the IMAP account. The mail I had stuck in Eudora 3.0 was more of a problem, as that version of Eudora didn't support IMAP. I discovered that Outlook Express had the ability to import Eudora 3.0 mail, so I imported it into Outlook Express and then used that to copy all the e-mail into my IMAP account. So I ended up with all my e-mail in one account, accessible from anywhere.

One (or both) of the Steve's might be using a Mac version of Eudora, so it may or may not be harder for them to do something like this. All it takes is to find a mail client that supports both import of the format and IMAP and you can have all your e-mail in one place.

I've settled on Mozilla Thunderbird as my e-mail client, regardless of what platform I am on (Linux/Windows/OS X), because at the moment it is my favorite among all the free options. I may look at other mail clients again, and trying them out will be simple thanks to IMAP.

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