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Hibernate DAO using Java 5 Generics

For one of my projects, I have used Java 5 Generics to simplify creation of Hibernate DAO’s. I no longer have to duplicate the typical CRUD operations in every DAO class. Note that I am using HibernateDaoSupport. If you want to see an example of a non-Spring generic DAO, the authors of Hibernate have posted one on their blog. Though mine may not be the best practices for Hibernate, I thought I’d post it just to show an example of what can be done with Java 5 generics and how much code can be reduced with it.

Here is my generic class:

public abstract class AbstractHibernateDAOImpl<T extends Serializable, 
            KeyType extends Serializable>
        extends HibernateDaoSupport {

    protected Class<T> domainClass = getDomainClass();

     * Method to return the class of the domain object
    protected abstract Class<T> getDomainClass();

    public T load(KeyType id) {
        return (T) getHibernateTemplate().load(domainClass, id);

    public void update(T t) {

    public void save(T t) {

    public void delete(T t) {

    public List<T> getList() {
        return (getHibernateTemplate().find("from " + domainClass.getName() + " x"));

    public void deleteById(KeyType id) {
        Object obj = load(id);

    public void deleteAll() {
        getHibernateTemplate().execute(new HibernateCallback() {
            public Object doInHibernate(Session session) throws HibernateException {
                String hqlDelete = "delete " + domainClass.getName();
                int deletedEntities = session.createQuery(hqlDelete).executeUpdate();
                return null;


    public int count() {
        List list = getHibernateTemplate().find(
                "select count(*) from " + domainClass.getName() + " x");
        Integer count = (Integer) list.get(0);
        return count.intValue();


I have a generic interface to go along with this class:

public interface AbstractDAO <DomainObject, KeyType> {

    public DomainObject load(KeyType id);
    public void update(DomainObject object);

    public void save(DomainObject object);

    public void delete(DomainObject object);
    public void deleteById(KeyType id);

    public List<DomainObject> getList();
    public void deleteAll();
    public int count();

And now for an example usage with a Hibernate domain object of type PageCache which has an Integer for its primary key. The interface:

public interface PageCacheDAO extends AbstractDAO<PageCache, Integer> {


And the implementation of that interface:

public class PageCacheDAOImpl extends AbstractHibernateDAOImpl<PageCache, Integer>
        implements PageCacheDAO {

    protected Class<PageCache> getDomainClass() {
        return PageCache.class;

Note that the getDomainClass() method was just to so I could get the class name for use in my Hibernate queries. There does not appear to be a way to get it from the generic class type. Maybe there is another way to do it, or maybe I could have constructed Hibernate queries differently to work around it.

My open-sourced projects (currently inactive) that use this:

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