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VMWare Fusion Guides

A VMWare employee (Eric Tung) has written up some unofficial guides for VMWare Fusion which are useful:

A Beginner's Guide to VMware Fusion

A Power User's Guide to VMware Fusion

The Power User's Guide is especially useful and has some interesting features.

I use the "Swap Alt (a.k.a. Option) and Windows (a.k.a. Command) keys" option. This option is good for someone who wants the Windows keys in the same position it normally would be. I use a PC keyboard on my Mac Pro. In OS X preferences, I have set my Windows key to Option and my Alt key to Command. So my keys are already swapped once. But VMWare Fusion respects these changes, so I have to tell it to swap again using this option. It is an application-wide setting, so I don't have to change settings for each VM.

I am going to try out the "Paravirtualization" option on my Linux VMs.

Also useful is the VMWare Fusion FAQ:

VMWare Fusion FAQ

It explains how to send an Insert, Delete, Print Screen, etc on Mac keyboards.

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