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SVN in Eclipse: Subversive and SVNKit for Subversion 1.6

Previously I had blogged about using JavaHL in Linux. JavaHL is the bindings to the native Subversion libraries which uses JNI, and it sometimes requires a bit of effort to get working. I no longer find using JavaHL necessary as I no longer have problems with the pure Java library SVNKit (formerly known as JavaSVN). I also have switched to Subversive instead of Subclipse because I have found it to be less problematic.

Despite being an official Eclipse project now, Subversive won't install from Eclipse 3.4's default repository, and you still need to get some plugins directly from Polarion. If you want to use the latest Subversive and SVNKit that supports Subversion 1.6, add the following update sites:

And then install the following from those update sites:

Note that the version numbers will change in the future, but these are the current versions that work with 1.6.

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